Friday, July 15, 2005


Sometimes I get very bored indeed. The following are the opening passages of four major English classics and they have been Babelfished. See how quickly you can identify them.

It is a fact recognised universally that people with a fortuin in research a woman must be.

English to Dutch to English

Between other public buildings in a certain city with for much of reasons it will be careful to abstain from with the mention, and so that I will assign with any factitious name...

English to French to English

A broad level, where the extending glass cinder hurries on between its green banks to the sea, and affectionate tides, rushing, in order to meet it, examines its passage with impetuous covers.

English to German to English

In the residents in a timber almost each species of tree has his voice as well as his characteristic trait. In the crossing of breeze the fir-trees sob and the sigh no least from distinctly from ljknj'zoyn the holly sfyrj'zej as it fights with the wheezes of ash ana'mesa tremoylja'sej his beech rustles while his level big clones are increased and fall. And the winter, that modifies the note of such trees as the shed their leaves, it destroys his personality.

English to Greek to English


Anonymous said...

Pride and Prejudice and the Woodlanders and not a clue about the others.

Left a comment before but it didn't work.


Nelly said...

P&P was rather easy. Good on you with the Hardy. The other two are mega famous classics too.

Lost Identity said...

I guess none of them are from the new Harry Potter??

Nelly said...

It might take a few months for that to reach the charity shops.