Thursday, July 14, 2005

Ian's Tip of the Day

Ian's Tip of the Day
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Hi Nelly's Garden readers!

I was up at Bert and Nelly's tonight (Thursday night is music night) and found Bert boiling spuds. I passed him this useful tip I learned at my mother's knee.

If you aren't sure if your potatoes are thoroughly cooked just remove one from the pan and throw it at the window. If the window breaks return it to the pan and carry on cooking. Repeat as necessary.


Lost Identity said...

Ah! I've tried it with spaghetti, but never a potato. I'll try it tonight!

Anonymous said...

Not just a pretty face iain. though now i think about it, there is ALWAYS little potatoes sitting on B&N's kitchen windowsill, when i asked why once bert told me it was 'an experiment'.
mikeyboy x

Anonymous said...

That is truly a super tip. Perhaps for few weeks (if Ian is in agreeance to such a proposition) there could be an 'Insightful Ian's Tip of the Week' and Ian could provide Nelly's garden readers with more handy hints. I would like that very much.

A point to note on potatoes - there were once potatoes in Nelly and Berts scullery that were definitely an experiment and they had such big stalky, sticky out bits that I set them on the ground in the kitchen and when Bert came in I told hime there were funny bugs/animals on the floor (i.e. the potatoes as they did look rather alien like) and for a few seconds I think he believed me.