Wednesday, July 06, 2005

10000 Steps

I wonder if it's better to be one of those people who, when stressed, loses the appetite and gets super skinny? Probably not. You see when I feel stressed I eat comfort food.

The only time I ever lost weight through stress was when the Pretty Welsh Boy dumped me for the Hard-Faced Ticket and that was 29 years ago. You should have seen the size of the jeans I was able to get into then. But it didn't last - I bounced back, found a Pretty French Boy and had to give those skinny jeans to a slimmer sister.

But I digress. Recently I've been eating lots of comfort food but now I'm happy to say that this is the fourteenth day that I've been eating healthy food - Gillian McKeith would be pleased with my output and I'm walking at least 10000 steps a day. I've been walking on roads just a mile or so from home that I've never walked before. I even walked to Ghillies yesterday and did the shopping on the way back. And I'm sleeping better.

All those super skinny people? Hard-faced tickets the lot of them. I'm going to go for the roundy, rosy healthy look.


Lost Identity said...

I'll sign up for the the roundy, rosy healthy look too.

Nelly said...

Well I have heard that proper men prefer a proper woman.