Thursday, July 07, 2005


I heard the news about London whilst driving to Castlerock. Dede and I had only one creditless mobile phone between us. When Dede said that Katy was in London the only way I could handle it was by refusing to believe it. No. She was in London for Live8. She's in Norfolk today. So I was just worrying about Ganching and JB and their loved ones. We stopped at a hotel and phoned home - and everyone is OK. Thank God.

We're selfish really aren't we? We must be sure that our own loved ones are well before we can think of the wider implications.

Poor London. It didn't get long to feel happy about the 2012 Olympics.


Lost Identity said...

I just read the news before checking your blog. I'm so glad that your loved ones are safe.

Seems to me that this attack will only solidify Britain's position in Iraq and Afganistan. I truly do not understand the line of thinking behind the terrorism. Isn't it obvious that it doesn't work? It defies logic, but so does my own religion.

Anonymous said...

It is selfish Nelly, but its an instinct, not a choice - one no doubt strengthened by being a mother. I was the same - straight on the phone to brother Dick who works at Kings Cross - he's fine but obviously completely shaken which, unfortunatley, is probably just what the terrorists want. I dont understand it, i dont understand religion, and i dont understand why we have to have such a close relationship with the U.S.
mikey x x

Unknown said...

I am glad that all is well. I enjoy looking through your Pictures over at Flickr.

Anonymous said...

It's perfectly selfish. Doesn't mean it's wrong.

Glad to hear that everyone is OK.


Nelly said...

There are people today who have been handed a life sentence of suffering and disability. And it is happening all over the world. Though it always hurts hardest closest to home. Which is probably the reason for today. Doesn't stop it being very wrong.

Thanks for kind thoughts.

God help those who are suffering.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for caring so much.

Nelly said...

How could I not? Anyway I was pretty cool about it compared to your granny who was demented.