Saturday, July 09, 2005


Nottio. I generally try not to let the weather bother me too much because the only thing I can control is my attitude towards it but this dull cloudiness is starting to piss me off. And everyone, except Bert and me, seems to be heading off on holiday. The only thing we've got planned is a quick dash over to Staffordshire to collect Hannah.

Zoe is off to Dingle, the Banjos have gone to Waterford leaving their crazy dog with us, even Matty is planning to go to Scotland with Ganching to commune with midges. I won't even mention those who are heading outside the British Isles as I might explode with jealousy.

And here I am stuck in Harryville right in the middle of the Loyalist Party Season. No escape until Thursday next. There is a part of me thinking,

"I need excitement and I need it fast"

Then there is the sensible part that thinks "No! No! No Harryville type excitement please. Please let it all be as dull as ditchwater."


Anonymous said...

Well, it is 26 degrees here right five in the evening....with the convoy of spitfires, hurricanes and assorted other old metal having just flown over my head...

Nelly said...

That would have been good to see. It did brighten up here a little this afternoon but it's still not scorchio.

Anonymous said...

I'm with you Nelly - you aleady know where i'm coming on my summer break.

Nelly said...

You'll bring some lovely Borders weather with you I hope