Sunday, July 24, 2005

Burn the Witch!

I had this chat the other day with a very nice Christian lady.

ME: I hear the Pope thinks the Harry Potter books are a bit dubious. What's your take on it?
VNCL: Our Pastor doesn't agree with them either.
ME: Why so?
VNCL: He says they're demonic and they celebrate the devil.
ME: But there are tons of children's books, TV programmes and films about witches and magic. Why all the fuss about Harry Potter? I think it must be because J.K. Rowling is making shed loads of money out of it.
VNCL: Sure she's a witch too.
ME: What! I never heard that. Who says she is?
VNCL: Paisley's church.

So I had a wee look on the web and turned this up. Here is a bit of advice from the site.

What should be done if you have occultic objects, toys, games or Harry Potter books in your house? Simple... destroy them. Do not garage sell them or give them to someone else. No, destroy this Satanic trash and never again allow such filth into your house.

Don't forget to get rid of your rock and roll collection, your boxed DVD set of Lord of the Rings, the Narnia books, any Tarot or Pokemon cards you've got lying about and a zillion other things. It's what God wants.


Anonymous said...

I think she is a witch. 10 minutes i took out of my busy saturday afternoon to serve her cheese accompained by my amazing knowledge of the subject-she didn't smile once, barely a thankyou. You'd think she was the richest women in britain or something...
mikeyboy xx

Nelly said...

The richest woman in England/Scotland buys her own cheese! Even the Queen, who is nowhere near the richest woman, doesn't do that. Mind you her boy Chas churns cheese doesn't he?

Anonymous said...

she's got crap taste in cheese too, i liked watching her face when i told her smoked applewood, her favourite apparently, wasn't actually smoked.