Monday, July 25, 2005

Clematis florida 'sieboldii'

clematis florida 'sieboldii'
Originally uploaded by NellyMoser.
So this wee garden centre man phones up and says,

"Have yez any of that clematis Garibaldi'?.
"We have indeed."
"Keep me a whole big pile of them. I'll be up with the trailer tonight.

Well I knew he meant 'Sieboldii' but as you know the customer is always right.

I was telling Bert about it and he said,

"Oh I know that wee boy. He was up with his trailer one night loading up with clematis and he says to me, 'Can you sell them oul clematis?' and I says to him that I could sell them to a band playing and he says to me as he loads them on thick, 'Thats funny for I cannae sell them atall.'"


Nelly said...

Bert's just sold the pictured plant and many others to Greenmount Gardens. His climbers will be getting a view and a mention on UTV Live some of these evenings.

Anonymous said...

Wow-isn't bert branching out ('scuse the pun). I always heard he had the best clamati in the north!

Anonymous said...

Tape it for us English dwellers.

Nelly said...

We'd rather tape the hordes of extra customers Bert'll be getting as a result of the free publicity. And he does have the best clemati(?) in Norn Iron.