Monday, July 25, 2005

Dear Gorgeous

As my reader will know I like to keep this corner of the net fairly upbeat which is why I haven't mentioned (until now) Bert's sore back.

It was killing him yesterday when we walked over to Gillies Bar for our tea. Incidentally Gillies was pretty full for an early summer evening. Apparently this was because Phil & Jill were playing (stifles yawn) the afternoon session. While we were there we ran into M & K who we haven't seen for ages. I was telling K about Bert's poorliness and she said, jokingly, that I'd have to trade him in for a 'toy boy'. Bert, being six years younger than me, was a 'toy boy' when we met back in the 80s but now I'm afraid he is a bit wrecked. I shan't trade him in though. His back will get better with a little TLC.

Which is why I said I'd write him a letter to give to the digger man Sammy 'Gorgeous' Gage. Bert was dreading today. He always hates it when he has to hire the digger man. He said "If Gorgeous thinks I'm for spending all day operating a shovel with this back I don't know what I'll do...."


Dear Gorgeous,

Please can Bert be excused digging with a shovel as he has a very sore back.

Yours lovingly Mrs Moser

I have another one to write concerning Mrs The Wee Manny,

To whom it may concern at IT support

Please can Mrs The Wee Manny be excused from lugging hard drives about as her wee toe is in a jar in the fridge after she was prancing around in her bare feet at the stables after Cleo (a horse) got new shoes and stood on her fut.

Yours sincerely, Mrs Moser

Ian says that'll put the bongo dancing out of her for a while.

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