Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Farewell Party

Originally uploaded by ZMB.
Hannah was going to come home to Norn Iron for a while after years and years of living in England. So last weekend she had a big leaving do with all her friends. She had such a good time at the party that she has changed her mind about coming back here. She cannot leave her mates y'see. And there is one mate in particular....

So Hannah this message is for you - we love you to bits and we're hoping it all works out good for you.

Hope to see you soon.


Stray Toaster said...

Is she the wean what live up thonder in Norwichshire?

Does she live the webbed-feet-ed ones that much? I mean, they make me look smart those ones.

(In Cromer. Me: blahblahblah Norwichshire-type: Where ya from? me: Sawston. Them: Hmmm, that isn't a Sawston accent, is it?)

Nelly said...

No it's Katy lives in Norfolk. She has a boyfriend from there but he's a blow-in too so any potential Norfolk grandchildren are unlikely to have webbed toes. Hannah lives in Staffycher

mquest said...

Must of been one hell of a party.

Nelly said...

We await the details. Over to you Banana Woman. The world is impatient.