Saturday, December 17, 2016


Buggeration indeed. Bert and I launched ourselves on Belfast city yesterday to partake of rich food and strong alcoholic drinks. Belfast was crammed with bright lights. frantic shoppers, Christmas jumpers and office parties. A body was glad to plant themselves in a seat and was prepared to tolerate drinks rounds (for four people) that cost in excess of £30. We were glad to be on the train home at 8pm. Who knows what craziness would have ensued in the hours before closing time.

At the station, thirsty Bert, went in search of bottled water. He came back waterless saying that he could not justify spending the money on plastic encased water when so many people were lying on the streets without shelter. We did donate on the journey to the station. There is something seriously wrong with this world when we spend so much on food and drink for ourselves while people lie freezing on our city streets.

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