Friday, December 30, 2016

Waxing Religious

To pot has gone this diet! But at least no turkey was wasted. We got an 11 pound one from Clint, got two good days out of it and then three days of (amazingly good) turkey broth. Swisser called this evening just as we were serving the last of it for supper and there was me worrying that we mightn't manage the last two bowlfuls. Swisser took care of them, no bother. I love it when all the food gets eaten, especially when it is good food.

Hannah and I took the girls to a Hipster cafe in Ballymena today. Couple of coffees, 2 kiddy meals, and one bowl of soup and the bill was eye-watering. And it turned out they hadn't even billed us for Evie's French toast! We got that one on the house which was very Christian of them. The place was full to the rafters and they must be making a small fortune but, fair play to them, moustache wax ain't cheap.

There were a couple of fan boys sitting next to us and I was eavesdropping like mad. Turned out they were very interested in the twirly-whiskered one. One asks the other,

What church does he go to?

I didn't catch the answer. They then proceeded to have a conversation about St Thomas Aquinas and how the prayers add zest to a plainer diet of general Bible study. It was only marginally better than listening to the girls bicker and fight. What is happening to young people today?

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