Saturday, December 31, 2016

State of Play

Well, here we are - the last evening of 2016 and the 31st blog post in a row. We are expecting a quiet one. Our Godson is here and we hope for two extra guitar players. There are already two extra dogs. I had my first glass of wine at 4 pm and may well be asleep before midnight. I have made a coconut loaf and am in the middle of preparing a sausage casserole.

Here is a picture.

Nothing could be better than listening to and enjoying, in one's own home, live and beautiful music. This has been our pleasure in 2016, in all the years before and, I'm hoping, in all the years to come.

Happy New Year. No matter what, there will always be music.


Deirdre Byrne said...

Happy new year to you Nelly et al. Enjoyed your 31 days of blogging. Sure now you're in the groove you might as well give us 365? Xxx

Nelly said...

Tough call, Deirdre.