Thursday, December 15, 2016


Just caught a wee quiet moment to update my blog. Well, slightly quiet as there is a five-year-old floating about, a wee dog snarling, and a big guy sitting on my sofa performing the theme tune to 'Rawhide'. I think I can tune them out long enough to fulfill my daily blogging promise. Oh dear, the seven-year-old has just approached me asking me to mend a broken handbag. I have delegated that task to Bert. The five-year-old is screaming now.

I got the last of the presents posted to England today. As usual, there was a chatty old guy in the queue and I was enjoying his company when he was called to the counter and it turned out he wanted the post office assistant to call his telephone company and he could not be persuaded that it was not part of her role. She was very nice to him so I expect she'll call round to his house after work and do it for him there.

Tonight I am going with Hannah and Gus to an open mic night in Ballymena although  I don't think they are planning to perform 'Rawhide' unless they are expecting the audience to go a bit Blues Brothers on them.

Tomorrow Bert and I are going to Belfast for our Christmas Day Out. It will be touch and go if I get to post tomorrow.


Deirdre Byrne said...

I had a post office experience in Muswell Hill last Saturday were the queue was half way down the street. We were there thanks to northern Irish sterling not being accepted on the big island. The step daughter was fit to be tied.

Nelly said...

It's crazy that it is not accepted as it is legal tender yet, as Aunt Maud once said, you wouldn't want to be leaving any of it lying around.