Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Iris Murdoch Feet

Iris Murdoch was a favourite author of my youth and I was going to write something here that would show me being a right clever clogs who understood everything she ever wrote but that would be a big fat lie. A lot of her deeper meanings must have washed over me but I still enjoyed her books tremendously. Of Iris the person I knew little but how that has changed since her illness and death.

Now Elias Canetti, one of Iris Murdoch's many lovers, has had his memoirs published eleven years after his death and Iris gets her usual pasting. Nobel laureate Canetti was at least ten years older than Iris. He wasn't exactly a matinee idol, not that Iris would have cared about that, but he had a huge intellect to go with his enormous ego and maybe, for all I know, he had a big wanger too. He had a three year affair with Iris and in his memoir, written 40 years after it ended, he was most ungallant about her - out of sheer jealousy of her reputation and literary success I'd wager.

And how has he expressed this lack of gallantry? He sneered at the food she offered him, he mocked her 'ungainly' underwear and he accused her of being lumpen in the sack. Apparently she only became animated at the talking after the act stage and then she devoured everything he had to say so that she could use it in her best selling novels. But the worst thing he said, in my opinion, was when he referred to her as wearing 'grotesque sandals' on her big ugly feet and of walking like a 'repulsive bear'.

That hit me hard for I'm not certain that I don't have a bear-like walk and I also have 'ugly feet' and 'grotesque sandals'. Men can be so shallow.

Anyway it inspired me to write this song. Sing it to the music 'Bette Davis Eyes' in the husky manner of Kim Carnes. Of course it's about me.

Her hair is curly brown
Her temper's not too sweet
She'll really bring you down
She's got Iris Murdoch feet

She'll set her dogs on you
She'll put you on the street
She'll tell you nothing true
She's got Iris Murdoch feet

And she'll tease you
She'll unease you
She just hates to please you
She's atrocious
And she knows just
what it takes to leave you crushed
Feeling like you've been beat
She's got Iris Murdoch feet


Stray Toaster said...

Do you know, I bought that Ms Carnes single when it came out? On 7". And I still have it. Uneda Disc. Tower Centre. Perhaps. The b-side was better, totally heart-wrenching in the 80s synth way.

Nelly said...

Trus' you to favour the b-side. By the way I love the Raveonettes and I'm also enjoying Willy Mason. I'm got my grotesques sandals on and Rosie and I are now off on a brisk walk to the garage and we'll be listening to the Raveonettes. I'll be using my headset and she'll be using her super duper doggy hearing.