Sunday, September 04, 2005

I'm Chuffed... see that this guy has recently added me to his blogroll. I've been looking in on him for quite a while now and only put him on my own list a little time ago. I reckon everyone needs at least one gun-lovin' Texan on the roll.

Like Baboon Pirates I could do with updating the roll as I'm not featuring everyone I read.

There are also a couple on the roll that seem to have dropped out so I'm going to have to change that too. No offence but if nothing's happening you'll have to go!


Blogger El Capitan said...

There are so many UK words and phrases that just amuse me to no end. 'Chuffed' is a good example, but I also really like 'dodgy', 'gormless' and especially 'chav'. What a nice way to avoid saying 'white trash'!

Now, 'whingeing', I just don't get...

6:37 pm  
Blogger Nelly said...

Here in Norn Iron we don't say 'chavs'. We say 'spides'.

Now chav is Romany for young boy. I haven't a clue where spide comes from.

I once asked one if she knew and she replied, *It's what hippies call people like us who dress fashionably."

7:41 pm  
Blogger Ronni said...

OO! OO! I know "whingeing!" It's whining with an attitude. I know, because my mom always accused me of it! She was from New York State (not City), and her father's family was what she called "Pennsylvania Dutch," but I think her mother's family must have been Irish, because she sure sang a lot of Irish songs!

4:58 am  
Blogger Nelly said...

Good description of whingeing as it is currently used. Whinger means someone who is always moaning about how tough things are, how hard and unfair life is etc. etc.

7:36 am  
Anonymous Stray Toaster said...

Spide comes from the fact that they always have webs tattooed on their elbows.

4:32 pm  
Blogger Nelly said...

Is that for real?

8:22 pm  
Anonymous Stray Toaster said...

Definition of a spide

I *knew* it was true. On the interweb, like.

10:09 pm  
Blogger Nelly said...

Thanks for the link. It's a good one.

10:00 am  

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