Thursday, September 15, 2005


Ed the Duck
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Bert and I went shopping today for a present for Rod & T's new baby. I haven't seen said baby yet nor have I been speaking to either of the proud parents but Bert has.

So I asked him,

What weight was the baby?

Weight? I don't know.

Rod must have said. People always say the weight.

3 pounds?

I don't think so. That would be really small. She wouldn't even be allowed out of the hospital at that weight.

12 pounds?

I doubt it. I think Rod might have had something to say about that. T certainly would.

Still at least he knows the new baby is a girl. He's been known to tell me about someone having had a baby and when I ask what it was he'll say,

A boy. No. A girl. They never said.

They must have said. People usually do.

Och. I forget.

The big baby in the picture is our Hannah. Bert never knew her at that age. She was nearer four before he turned up. So he hasn't had much experience of babies. He cringes when he's asked to hold one. I think he'd rather be given a hand grenade - with the pin out.

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