Wednesday, September 07, 2005


Aaprplenty it deos not mtetar vrey mcuh if wdros are jlumebd ervey wcihh way busaece you ibilcrendy cevelr plopee will slitl be albe to dhipeecr tiher minnaeg.

I wluod ecpxet nhiontg lses tahn one hrndued prenect udsritennadng form Sraty Tesaotr, I Dndit Qtiue Cacth Taht, Ginchang, Boaobn Pearits, The Siartt of Misesa and the Geren Lrazid Knig.

Srory if Nlely lfet you out. Teird.

Etalpanxoin in flul hree


Anonymous said...

Not 100% understanding, but then if you're typing like a dilysexic country bumkin, what can we expect? :)

I think you should try it with either some clients when they're asking for some bule wcekid. Just to see what happens.

hootchinhannah said...

I guess I must be one of them ibilcrendy cevelr plopee (altho it doesn't sound so good now when i read back over it) cos i found it dead easy to read. But if you were to chuck numbers in with that mix then I wouldn't have a clue.


Nelly said...

When customers ask me for blue wicked I shall reply "Wulod you eevr go and fcuk yrouelsf?"

I hope that was your dilysexa that gave me the impression you were calling me a country bumpkin. Why I'm as urbane and sophisticated as.. as... as Gnihnacg.

And Hannah did you hear what that horrid man called your mummy?

Anonymous said...

Nelly, recent behaviour has shown that you're not as sophisticated as Ganching... you do know what Londoners do to people from the revenue? You only find body parts...

And are you trying to start a fight with the new blogger?

Bliss said...

Udtreosond celtpemloy. :)

Anonymous said...

hey nelly,
have you done a post like that before, or am i just getting some mad deja vu? my boss is apparently dislex3ic, he keeps calling my mate liam 'mail'.
mikley x

Nelly said...

Ed - Are you trying to start a fight with me?

Bliss - Celver Colgs

Mikey - I did a Babelfish one once.

Mel - thanks for all the presents.

Anonymous said...

Listen up Nelly, i'm off out tonight and i've got a big day planned for tommorow so, a very very happy birthday Mary for tommorrow!!!! hope you have a good one and maybe, just maybe, Bertyboy'll do birthdays!
take care,
mikey x