Thursday, September 29, 2005

The Talk of the Country

Bert is a bit affronted to hear that he is the Talk of the Country. Ploppy Pants had all the gen about the siege outside the Dromona Creamery and of course as usual he refused to say where he had heard it.

He says to me, "Did you tell Ploppy Pants about Sunday evening?"

I reply, "No, but I put it on the internet."

Clint tells it like this,

“I thought nothing atall about seeing Nelly out tramping the roads. Says I to myself ‘wud ye luk at the goes o’ her,’ and then when I got to the creamery all I could see was this crowd o’ ones standing outside the gates and I thought the Dromona boys were out on strike. Then next thing I see Bert stuck in the middle of it and I wonder what the hell he’s doing there. Have they been out for a run and fell out and she’s off stomping home in a rip?”

Of course that’s why I volunteered to walk home ‘for the van’. It was really because I didn’t want the whole of Dromona seeing me, standing there like a complete idiot, locked out of my own car.


Lost Identity said...

the problems that come from a simple walk...

Nelly said...

It's the influence of Bert. He makes things complicated. It's being a gemini.