Wednesday, September 21, 2005

The Gasman Cometh

Now all we need is the diggerman Sammy 'Gorgeous' Gage to finish off the sewer and Eric the Plumber to connect us to it and our house is totally ready to live in.
Heat, light, water, working toilets and cooking facilities will all be in place.

I'm so excited!


Anonymous said...

that is fantastic news!!! well done, both of you-you've really acheived a hell of alot with your house, you both deserve some time to just chillout and appreciate what you've accomplished!
mikey xxx

Nelly said...

Gorgeous Gage will be here on Monday and the the bedroom flooring is going on tomorrow!

another_pseudonym said...

There's something really really wrong with reading about Sammy Gage online.

My world has been rocked in some odd little cluchie way.

Nelly said...

Don't you want to know why we call him 'Gorgeous'?

Nelly said...

And may I draw your attention to

another_pseudonym said...

Yeah, I'd noted your sick note previously in my unemployed days. :)

Okay then, why do you call him 'Gorgeous'?

Nelly said...

One of Bert's aunts once said of him swoonily(this was many years ago when he sported a luxurious golden mane) "Sammy Gage has got really gorgeous hair."

So how do you know him? The reason I give him his full name check is that he is a thoroughly decent bloke about whom I'd never have a bad word to say.

By the way he has been informed that I've written about him here but he just looks at me in the tolerant way that you'd look at the mentally afflicted.

another_pseudonym said...

I simply know of his work.

I think my Granda had him dig some very large drainage ditches at one time.

Nelly said...

No better man for the job.