Monday, September 12, 2005

A Fut In Juggins

Rosie: That’d be a great day for a spot of rabbit chasing.
Paddy: Indeed it would. I notice himself is paying no attention to us. Shall we head?
Rosie: You bet chummy. Last one out of the yard is a big jinny.

At midday a man from the Water Services called. He said, “D’ye know yer water meter is birling round like stoor?” While Bert and the Water Man went off to look at this birling meter the scunging devil dogs took the opportunity to take off. We’ve managed to keep them under control for the most of a week but they were just waiting their chance for an escape. And when their chance came they grabbed it. Both have sporting injuries incurred on previous scunging expeditions. Rosie had a swollen paw. The vet put £17 worth of medication into her for that one. Paddy has a bite (spider) on his paw and it was starting to heal up nicely but when they returned five hours later Rosie was limping and carrying her paw and, as for Paddy, as I said to Bert, “His wee sore fut’s in juggins.”  

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