Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Bert to the Rescue

I’m not the only one who has been working flat out recently. For Bert attending ‘Gorgeous’ Gage is a full-time job (and then some). After all a man who can get stressed out by a few clematis growing too fast or a touch of red spider mite is a man who will be stressed to the max by shovel work and the necessity of keeping Gorgeous supplied with specialised plant from the ‘Hire It’ shop. The poor soul has been coming home completely exhausted.

Last night was no exception. So it was only to be expected that he failed to do an accurate head count of the livestock at bedtime. He just assumed Paddy would be cosily curled up in my bed, as that is where Paddy usually is after 9pm.

This morning whilst at work I received this phone call.

So that’s where you’re at.

Where else would I be?

Do you know where Paddy is?

What! How should I know where Paddy is? Isn’t he with you? What’s wrong?

He’s not in the house or the yard or anywhere. I’ve looked everywhere. He’s not lying dead anywhere.

What! Dead! Find him!

I can’t! I’ve got the digger man here in 10 minutes.

What’s more important? The dog or the digger man? Find Paddy!

Distraught I slam down the phone.

Fifteen minutes later Bert phoned back.

Well it’s all right. I’ve found him.

Where was he?

He was in the field in front of the house. He was just sitting there with his head stuck in a yellow bucket. He didn’t know where he was. I think he’d been sitting there all night. He couldn’t find his way home.

Oh God! The poor thing. Is he OK?

He’s a bit quiet on it.

Give him a big kiss and hug from me.

I can’t. He boked in the bucket. He’s stinking of vomit.

Oh wash it off and kiss him anyway.

Yeah. Sure.

Poor Paddy. He has been very stressed all day. But he cheered up to no end when HANNAH CAME HOME!


Anonymous said...

That must've been a mad shock for what is def the laziest dog i've ever came across! hope the wee soul's alright now, it is his bed time in couple of hours after all. hope all is good you pair & a big hi to hannah!
mikey xx

Nelly said...

It took him until about midday today to get totally back to normal. He wasn't speaking to Bert either until then as, being stupid, he thought Bert had done it on him. Hannah is good. Will say hi 4 u.