Wednesday, September 14, 2005


A year now I’ve been doing this blogging thing. During this twelve-month period I have endeavoured to present myself to the world as wise, wonderful and occasionally wacky. A year of carefully selecting pictures that show me and mine at our very best. Even that time I posted the picture of myself drunk I chose the one where I looked thinnest. If I posted a picture of the dogs on the sofa I cropped it so that any signs of squalor or slumminess were removed. A year of carefully building up my image has been destroyed in a week.

For along came the third daughter to blow my carefully constructed image out of the water. In a few short days of Hannah blogging and photo sharing I have been exposed as,

A cruel mother
With horrid glasses
Who dyes her hair
Keeps a throughother house
And whose paramour is a gargoyle

And she says she loves me. Just as well really. God knows what she’d post if she didn’t.


Lost Identity said...

I looked through Hannah's blog, and found nothing of the kind!

She loves you!

Nelly said...

Just kidding LI the kid does love me. And I love her right back. Awww!