Monday, September 19, 2005

Buying A Goat: All You Need To Know

It’s that time of the year again. Time to be thinking about our autumn/winter wardrobes. Actually the title says it all for me. Of course it was ‘coat’ not ‘goat’ but when I thought it was ‘goat’ it was the only article that really interested me in this Sunday’s Style supplement.

Balenciaga? I can hardly afford Primark.

How to look like a lady? Advice from Tara Palmer-Tomkinson? That skinny tart! I think not.

Hot nights in heels? Hardly.

This is what I shall be wearing this autumn/winter season.

  • Tee shirts

  • Red pyjama trousers

  • Cosy gilets

  • Jumpers mostly red

  • Big shirts

  • Bert’s new waterproof jacket

  • Black opaque tights

  • Denim skirts (not short)

  • A selection of black skirts

  • A selection of black trousers

  • Wellington boots

  • Ankle boots from 2003

  • Ankle boots from 2004

  • A selection of comfy flat shoes in blue, red and black

  • Training shoes (for walking only)

Now that’s what I call proper dressing.


Anonymous said...

i think that is a wise colection of autumn attire. can't wear heels here as they get stuck in the cobbles and footpath cracks. boots essential - otherwise water goes in your shoes and the result is squelching feet. boo
Mel x xx

Nelly said...

Welly boots?

Bliss said...

All excellent choices. :) This fall, I shall be wearing (by day of the week):

M - Suit.
T - Suit.
W - Suit.
Th - Suit.
F - Suit.
S - Sox jersey/jeans.
S - Sox jersey/jeans.


Easy enough!

Nelly said...

Good to see you've struggled free from your sick bed.