Thursday, September 29, 2005

Tales from the Coalface

Wakened at 4.45am. Think (hope) I am dreaming. Door bangs, buzzer buzzes. I go down. Look out window and see police car.

I am a picture. Birds nest hair, red pyjama trousers, pulled on cardi, bare feet, bleary eyed. I open the door. Young PSNI officer stands there. About 14. A cigarette glows in the back of the police car.

"Will you take TC?"

"TC doesn't need to come through here. She's got her
own front door. Own key"

"Oh sorry. She does have keys too. Sorry."

"You got your keys TC?"

The cigarette glows, speaks, "Yeah."

Policechild says, "Sorry. Really sorry."

I don't say, "That's OK. Don't worry about it."

I go back to bed. But not to sleep. Damn.


David Todd said...

I'm waiting to read the rest of the story, even if its fictitious.
Good start! :-)

Nelly said...

Away on with you! It's truly true. Sure I'm sitting here wrecked with the lack of sleep.

Anonymous said...

Words that need to be used a lot more: policechild.

On a vaguely related note, I was walking down Whitehall a few weeks back, and was struck by how young the soldiers at Horse Guards were. I'd have knocked them back if they came to my door, I tells ya. Does this mean I can use terms like policechild?

Nelly said...

As you said yourself - it's a free country. The average age of PSNI in Ballymena is about 18 as far as I can see. And even the ones that are nearly 30 are big weans. Only the other day one of them (near 30) had to be stopped from writing 'I wish Bert was as dirty' on my car. He was off duty but I don't think that matters.

Anonymous said...

Nelly you liar!! You did NOT tell the poor policechild "it's ok. Don't worry about it" when he got you out of bed in the middle of the night! You GLARED at him and made a point of NOT saying it was ok! The word is at the station that he's handed in his notice and gone back to school cos the scary lady made him cry. And I'd also like to point out that for all your advanced years, you laughed so hard you nearly weed yourself when I told you the I wish Bert was this dirty story ... T