Saturday, September 24, 2005

Snot Fair

Poor Bert. He never gets a chance. While I get to choose all the good stuff like floor coverings, paint colours, kitchens and so on, he gets to choose the sewer pipes and fittings. And nobody is ever going to see them and say,
Well done Bert. You have such impeccable taste in sewage disposal fittings.
Maybe Sammy 'Gorgeous' Gage will say,
Wow Bert. You picked good ones. Those sewer pipes are awesome.
No. I don't think Sammy'll say anything. He'll just bury them with his big backhoe. Poor Bert. Snot fair.


Anonymous said...

I'm sure Bert will have the satisfaction of a job well done. After all, you'll get bored of the furniture and colour schemes eventually, but a good sewerage system will last a lifetime.

'course, if the sewage pipes break, then you'll probably notice a lot quicker than if a curtain gets a hole in it...

Nelly said...

Bert wouldn't notice a hole in a curtain even if it was big enough to stick his head through.

I once hung new and excitingly striped curtains in his room. After a week I asked him if he liked them. He hadn't seen them.

That's the way I like him. I wouldn't be fussed on a man who was interested in soft furnishings.