Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Out Of Sorts

It’s been a funny old day. Bert’s encounter with the IR cub has left me feeling very rattled. It has obviously sent Bert insane as right now he is watching a football match and judging by his occasional excitable yips he sounds as if he is enjoying it.

There was a major mix-up earlier with the Kerry sister & myself regarding meeting up. While I was in the Boglands (as arranged) she was in Cully. We missed each other by about two minutes. I couldn’t face driving back to the Bog, as another battle through the school traffic would have been a nightmare. So that has put me out of sorts.

Then Jim didn’t put in the kitchen as arranged but apparently it is happening tomorrow so that’s something I can look forward to.

And Hannah is coming home soon. Which is another thing to look forward to.

Then Bert, who doesn’t do birthdays, asked me what I wanted for mine. I said I wanted a new house and I think I might be getting one.

And Lost is on tonight. And I know I shouldn’t grumble because, really, my life is good.

Except I just hate people being mean to Bert. That’s my job.

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