Sunday, September 11, 2005

The Natives Are....

....restless and so am I. Why is it that sometimes stuff happens and you chew it up and spit it out then other times every little thing that screws up seems pretty hard to deal with? Why is it when one thing goes wrong with the PC a load more goes wrong around the same time?

Z & D came out to visit on Friday (toffy wit birthday) and while they were there D fixed the stuck drawer of my CDRW. He also showed me how to fix the problem if it happened again. I think he sorted it by giving it a very stern look because their car was actually still in sight heading off the yard when the drawer stuck again! I tried the stuff he showed me and it didn't work. Mind you I've still got the pointy bit of wire trick up my sleeve so I'll try that tomorrow. And now there's no power getting to the printer and my internet connection is buggered. It's enough to make me dash out and buy a laptop except of course I cannot afford a laptop. You got that Revenue Man?

But at least the walks are going well. Rosie and I drove to the Drumack Road for yesterday's outing. I started by standing ankle deep in a moss hole. I walked the walk anyway. Nelly laughs at soggy feet. It's not as if I'm made of sugar. Then there was the little problem of going out with one dog and returning with two. That big brown collarless dog followed us for miles. I couldn't deter it at all and I drew the line at physical violence. So as I hadn't the heart to leave it in the middle of a bog I took it home with me. This morning I drove around the area we'd been walking in and managed to reunite (Sam) with his very careless owners.

Swisser was sad about that for she had met Sam yesterday evening and took rather a fancy to him. She told Bert she had hoped for a pup out of him. Strikes me that would have been problematical as all our bitches are spayed. He did have a spectacular set of balls on him so I reckon he'd have been well able for pup-making. Paddy (the eunuch) hated him for that. So did Bert.

So here I am in a noisy place. The natives were very restless last night and I hear they are planning more mayhem tonight. But perhaps that is just wishful thinking on the part of my bored little charges.


Anonymous said...

You're forgetting the essential problem of the 'him'. We generally look at the problem, mess about with it a bit, find that it's a very simple fix that will only work once. Should the exact same problem arise again, rest assured that a completely different fix will be required.

On a related note, I discovered why I've been getting phone calls from my ma's work, even when she's not there. It's because she's printed off my mobile number, with the helpful note "If computer breaks:" above it. Then she laminated it and put it on the office wall. BIG numbers.

One is not impressed.

Nelly said...

Dear Him

I sorted out my internet connection myself which is good although there were a few choice swear words employed.

The pointy wire trick did not work on the CD drawer.

When I feel like it I will untangle the wires at the back of the PC and expect to find one that should be connected to the printer or something.

Do you treat the calls from your mum's employees with forced jollity or do you employ eloquent silences and sighs like my 'him'.

Yours Nelly

Anonymous said...

With family, there is much exasperated sighing, winding up and general bitching. With others, it's all business like efficiency.

In other IT related news, I find that a swift kick to the offending item gets it working again at least 50% of the time.

Nelly said...

But 50% of the time it doesn't help at all. As I have found. There are only two solutions to my problems. One is to get on my knees (no not to pray, to find unattached cable) to sort the printer and secondly, to get me to a shop to buy a new rewriter. Then I shall have to phone Him to come and fit said rewriter. Bert is bollix at that sort of thing. The last time I let him loose on the computer I came back to find he'd managed to set rudity as my screensaver and this was at a time when I still had childer at home. To this day he swears he doesn't know how it got there.