Monday, April 13, 2015

Flickr Thirteen

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Hannah posing with Shaggy Blog Stories, a compilation that included an offering by Ganching. The purpose of the book was to make money for the charity, Comic Relief. It was published in 2007. I wonder how many of the bloggers featured are still at it Obviously Ganching's excerpt is the best in the entire book but I would say that, wouldn't I? And she's still at it.

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...but not as interesting as the completed wine, I'd wager.

1. A conglomeration of pome fruits. Middling to good. All drunk.
2. A rhubarb. Rhubarb is always good. All drunk.
3. Carrot and Raisin. Carrot is always good. This one was dry and delicious and is all drunk.
4. & 6. Rosehip, made from dried hips. Overly sweet. Still some left.
5. Orange and Apple. Made from fruit juice. Not very nice and wouldn't use juice again. Still drunk it.
7. Damson. Fabulous, delicious, sublime. All drunk.
8. Nectarine. Some of the fruit was over ripe and there was a slight mustiness to it. I liked it. All drunk.

All these wines were started in late 2012.

The piano they are sitting on? Chopped up. Late 2014.

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ganching said...

It seems a lifetime since I wrote that blog post!