Thursday, April 02, 2015

Lost and Found

Yesterday was busy. I cooked and cleaned for half the day whilst suffering the stinkingest head cold I've had in some time. Nellybert have had it for well over a week now. Bert says,

It's one of those hingy-about boys.

The cooking and cleaning might have been unnecessary as we had the incontinent dog and one of  our guests wasn't even hungry. So didn't eat. I took myself off to bed before midnight and fell into a deep sleep and missed all the shenanigans of rampaging dogs and very early risers. Apparently The Wee got up at six o'clock to let their wild dog out to pee. Bert says it was five am but he's not taking British Summer Time into consideration. Our new dog Roy had fallen deeply in love with The Wee's dog so when The Wee Manny took Harry out to answer the call of nature Roy pranced out behind him. The Wee did not put Harry on a lead and wild dog took to his beaters and headed over the fields with Roy galumphing behind him. The first Bert knew of it was The Wee Manny standing by his bedside staring down at him, morning fag in his mouth, muttering,

Those dogs have run off.

Bert was not very delighted. Luckily I slept through it all and was not aware that there was anything wrong.

They turned up. Harry was found by neighbours who tied him up and phoned The Wees. Bert went out searching for Roy and discovered him in a derelict house about a mile from our place. It has to be said that Bert has talent for finding lost dogs. There was that time that he found Rosie, the Dirty Rotten Scunging Devil-Dog in a hedge with her paw caught in a snare. How he managed to spot Roy skulking round that old house I do not know.

Bert got him home safe and he has been a little out of sorts all day but, as Bert said, that was a lot of exercise for an old fat house dog like the Royster.

The old house where Roy was hiding. It's much more overgrown now.

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