Tuesday, April 07, 2015

Guilt Trip

Me on an outing. 1,322 views

It's hard to know why this picture is the seventh most viewed on my Flickr photostream. I don't remember much about it, or who took it, or even where it was. I can roughly date it to the very early nineties. I had met Bert for that is his Indonesian batik bag in the foreground. I was at university for that was my look back then. I would have been coming up to forty, still without a driver's licence. We went out a lot in those days. See a bit of fine weather and off we sped. That never seems to happen now. Cow still not calved, Bert a ton of things to do in the polytunnel, pigs to look after, me a ton of things to do as well but sitting here in front of this screen feeling vaguely guilty that I am not sowing seeds or planting hollyhocks. Guilt trips are the only trips I take these days. Where did it all go wrong?


Grannymar said...

No. No. No! You are planning and thinking. There is no point in planning unless you add in the thinking! ;)

Nelly said...

You made me smile dear, blessed woman.

Leitrim Sister said...

maybe you and me can have a bit of a sped in the next couple of days