Wednesday, April 08, 2015

Interesting Is As Interesting Does

Another beautiful day and I managed to spend a good part of it at the seaside with Miss Hannah. Leitrim Sister here this evening and we've been chatting all evening so this blog post must be a speedy one.

On to the Big Flickr photoshare, on this day the eighth April, 2015,

Eight most viewed picture today, me and an unknown and very pretty lady, somewhere in Larne in the mid 1950s. I know very little about this picture. Did someone say she was a priest's housekeeper or did I imagine that? Matty might have cleared it up but far too late for that now. There was building work going on in the background and those houses look new. Wish I knew more. 1,316 views.

Cullybackey riverside walk. 193 views

That is my eighth most interesting picture. I like it very much, and the walk too but don't think it is that interesting. Flickr has other ideas.

Goodnight all.

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