Wednesday, October 10, 2018

A Fine Autumn Day

Such a lovely day today. Blue skies, temperatures in the low twenties, dry, a brisk, warm breeze. Washing out early, line-dried with no need for airing.

I made an apple sponge with peasgood nonsuch apples and it was lovely. I spent a few hours raking leaves which is a task that I find very pleasurable.

Bert and Hannah took Judy and Ziggy to the vet to have anal glands dealt with so happy dogs too.

Verbena bonariensis still in full bloom.

Just the beginning. Mostly beech. Lots of lovely leafmould in two years time.


Mage said...

I use to have those enthusiasms too. Just lovely stuffs.

Susannah said...

I love verbena bonariensis. In my head I call it verbena buenosaires :)
It's all over my veg garden for the bees and I have to weave myself around it but it is wonderful!

Nelly said...

Enthusiasms come and go Mage. For a while, just be.

I love the image, Susannah, of you weaving through the verbena. Also love your pet name for it.