Thursday, October 18, 2018

A Walk In The Woods And Other Stuff

Despite this strange lethargy I am currently experiencing I must, I really must write my daily blog.

The day began with a walk, the Cullybackey riverside path with Laura. It was too foggy to appreciate the autumnal colours but we both hoped that the dankness might mean we had the walk to ourselves for we were out with a veritable pack of furry critters and not a lead on any of them.

We admired this fallen tree. There are so many old trees growing on the banks of the river that every blustery bit of weather brings at least one down. Laura cast a very hungry eye on this one. She has a passion for firewood, just like her Da and her Uncle Bert.

At this point, we'd not seen a soul until around the corner came a friendly runner. He bade us hello and seemed unperturbed by the pack.

On the home run, we met a pair of young parents toting infants. Fathers were stoic and brave, mothers looked as if they expected our dogs to eat their children. Our dogs ignored them because they had found one of Stanley's balls and balls are far more fun than boring babies.

But we were rumbled. At the end of our walk who should we meet but Denise, Stanley and friends just heading out on their morning walk. Stanley did not seem to recognise his ball and Judy attempted to nick his new one. Denise soon put a stop to that piece of cheek.

Back to the house for coffee and pancakes where Laura and Bert seemed strangely reluctant to discuss the latest developments in the Brexit situation. Instead, they were enrapt watching YouTube videos of knives being forged. Sometimes I wonder...

The remainder of the day?

Pleasantly sunny.

Martha and Evie. Homework. Trampoline. They jumped, I watched from inside.

Garlic sorting, trimming, planting, storing. I've more to do.

I'm still very tired, coming down with some kind of virus infection.

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Mage said...

Again, I am so sorry. Even tho you are pooped, you managed some excellent adventures.