Monday, October 01, 2018

An October Promise. To Myself.

It's October, autumn is well and truly here. I'm going to up the posting and try to update the blog for the entire month. Sure I might as well. What else would I be at?

The lovely lilies that grow alongside the roses in the Rose Garden at Mount Stewart. Zoe drove Hannah and me there yesterday. The girls had both been there before but it was my first ever visit. I am already planning my return.

So, as I said, a post every day. Tonight's is short for it's been a busy day and I'm still reeling from the last episode of Ozark that we just watched. The blood! The wails! The water!

More tomorrow.


Mage said...

I'm trying to do something similar. Hugs.

Nelly said...

Thanks, Mage. Good to focus on something new.

Clairenewcastle said...

The gardens at Mount Stewart hold many memories for me and are, in my opinion, among the best in Northern Ireland.
The planting around the lake is superb, it looks perfect no matter what the month of the year.


Nelly said...

Claire, I loved it and am really cross with myself that I left it so long to visit.