Saturday, February 25, 2017

Every Picture: Altered Realities

Tonight I am mostly drinking red wine and hanging out with some old and dear friends. Our conversation has been about altered reality and, this being a public platform read on occasion by people who may well approach me at a funeral and say, "Hi Nelly, been reading your blog, the one about mushrooms" I feel that I cannot elaborate too greatly. To make up for this I'm showing some photographs 'altered' and 'enhanced' by the photo app Dreamscope.

 Nelly at 20, original photo a 'selfie'.

Exuberant, original picture by ZMB

Hannah by me. I think she looks like Carrie from Homeland, only happier


Andrea said...

I cannot wait to read your unexpurgated memoirs! I had a very sheltered upbringing but still have very vivid memories of a more adventurous school friend's account of having ingested mushrooms and it put me off for life! Beautiful pics!

Nelly said...

Thanks Andrea! I've only taken them a few times and not for decades too. I keep promising myself, once more before I die.