Saturday, February 04, 2017

Every Picture: Happy Birthday Dede

Today's post is all about Dede whose birthday it is. Dede is number six in our family of seven and the youngest girl. I cannot conceive what it must be like to have four older sisters but this I know, Miss Dede was well able for the role. No chance that anyone, in any family, would ever overshadow the Ginger Mouse. That was Daddy's pet name for her but she was no mouse. Anyway, in Daddy's book, mice were toughies.

Interestingly, Dede was the only girl in our family not to get through that silly 11+ exam, not that it ever worried her. Before long she achieved qualifications in catering, worked her way around Australia, ran the Regent's Park Open Air Cafe for several years and got into location catering when the Irish film industry was at its peak. Then she headed back to college, got herself a First and, more recently, a Ph.D. To say that I admire her and am immensely proud of her would be a huge understatement.

To add to her achievements she's also a dog lover.

Well done Dr Dede. 2016 was a bit of a stinker of a year but at least we had Sligo. Happy birthday love.

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