Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Every Picture: Pig Walks

Holly is in this picture too

Ah... the memories. When Rusty and Lily were little pigs they would go for walks with me up the back lane. They associated Nellybert with food and would follow us anywhere. Obviously, we wouldn't take them off the property as pigs cannot be moved without forms being filled out and permission granted etc. etc. Imagine having to apply to the government every time you wanted to take a dog for a walk.  They still hang out that back lane and the fields and woods that the lane leads to but no further than that as they are good and law abiding pigs.

I took a walk there yesterday with Ziggy, Roy and Holly de Cat. We tramped around a field, explored the wood for a bit and I took a few photographs. We spotted the pigs in the distance but they were their usual boring, grass munching selves so we paid them no mind.

Roy had important things to do and kept his distance. I don't think he actually approves of cats coming on walks.

Ziggy did not mind Holly being there


evilganome said...

Very handsome piggies! Believe it or not, there are a couple of miniature pigs that live close to me in Boston. Rocco is fascinated, but the pigs could care less about him.

Nelly said...

They are not so handsome now! All grown up and ugly as sin! They're not so keen on dogs either.