Wednesday, February 08, 2017

Every Picture: There was a wee doggy called Ziggy

Yikes! Less than ten minutes to write my daily blog post. Last night while Hannah was shopping online and I was doing a jigsaw (also online) Bert comes barging into our private. secret sitting room to read aloud from Yeats, and then wanted to discuss poetry. Honestly! You never get a minute's peace in this house.

Still, if I've only got eight minutes it will have to be poetry. It's the only thing I can dash off.

Here goes,

There was a wee doggy called Ziggy
Who grew most tremendously Biggy
No more does he Fly
You might well ask Why?
It's because he did scoff like a Piggy.


Andrea said...

That is the most wonderful image of the happy wee fella, and your poetry is sublime.

Nelly said...

Thank you, Andrea, you are too kind, really too kind. The poetry is DOGgerel.