Monday, February 13, 2017

Every Picture: Dressing Up At The Ulster Museum

Looking at these photographs reminded me that it has been far too long since I took the girls to the Ulster Museum. Maybe, when their cousin James is over in April can have a big family day out. I'd love to see what James makes of our museum. I'm sure he'll enjoy the interactive children's room but am not so sure he'll enjoy dressing up as much as Martha and Evie do. We'll see.

This is Martha's favourite outfit, the one that delights her every time she gets to wear it. The skirt has a big hooped petticoat under and she loves to swirl around in it.

Evie tries a hooped petticoat for size. She also loved the painted wooden clogs which were a perfect match for her woolly cardigan.

On this occasion, one of the museum staff (we asked) had taken the blue gingham home for laundering and Miss Martha was a little disappointed. Then she found this pinafore and all her Kate Greenaway fantasies were realised. Sitting on the bench beside the mirror is a wonderful vantage point for a granny to capture great shots of the darling grandchildren posing in those old time costumes and, there is the added advantage of getting a wee rest. Now I've made myself really excited for our next trip to the Museum.


Andrea said...

Well those pictures have really cheered me up! So much for my daily comment idea! I've had the most loathsome cold with added vertigo and tinnitus since Thurs evening and have spent 4 days on my back in bed (with only occasional very tentative forays downstairs for hot drinks and to let the poor Boy out the back garden for his business).

Nelly said...

That sounds horrid Andrea. Vertigo, is really debilitating. Happy to have cheered you up nd hope that you are feeling much, much better.

Anonymous said...

aren't they one grand daughter loves dressing up too and she is soo joyous about yours...that it fills me with joy too. ann.

Nelly said...

They were dressing up today again. Bedroom trashed but who cares.