Thursday, February 02, 2017

Every Picture: God Knows Where

This picture was created with a negative scanner and I have no clue as to where it was taken. I do know that it was taken by me as other pictures on the negatives are of our old dog Danny. At first I thought the picture was taken near Caledon in County Tyrone and went off researching the area. And learned a lot of interesting stuff about Caledon, facts such as the 4th Earl of Caledon keeping American black bears on the estate. 

I posted the picture to Flickr and Oul Gundog thought it might be Mountpanther near Dundrum in County Down but I'm not convinced. I don't recall ever being in Dundrum but it was more than twenty years ago and the memories do fade.

I do like the picture, especially the shape of the tree. An oak perhaps? I might need some help with the tree too. A pity it wasn't Caledon because I researched the shit out of Caledon. Maybe some other post.

Tonight, to take my mind off Trump's threat to the Johnson Amendment, I am drinking a glass of rhubarb wine and it is lethal. I'm trying to recall if I didn't perhaps tip a cup of poitín into it before I bottled it.

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