Friday, September 29, 2017

29th September

Bert says,

If there's one thing that will gladden a countrywoman's heart it's a big pile of brand new buckets.

He may well be right about that. By the way, thanks, Richard. I love my new buckets.

Bert also said,

Why are you photographing the buckets on their own? Shouldn't you be in the picture too so people can see what a big stack of buckets there actually are?

O.K. You take the picture.

And he did and it was a terrible picture. He footered around with the camera settings and made my trousers too baggy and my feet too long. But not to worry for I found some sort of rudimentary editing application that went some way to remedy these problems.

It's a big improvement. But I might have to have a word with Richard about the buckets. They seem to have warped.


Unknown said...

Well Mary that made me laugh lol

Nelly said...

Unknown, wish I knew who you were, but I'm glad you laughed.

Cathy said...

It's like one of those fairground mirrors 😊
May I ask why you need all those big pails? ~ Cathy

Nelly said...

Winemaking, Cathy, and Some of them will go to fellow winemakers.

Deirdre Byrne said...

Loving the long legs so what if that are a bit wobbly

Nelly said...

Teeny feet and long wobbly legs. I'll walk for miles!

Mage said...

your legs too.