Wednesday, September 06, 2017

6th September


On most evenings I would tend to consider my achievements and ponder on whether I have met the goals that I set myself in the earlier part of the day. On most evenings I have to admit that I have met very few of those goals. Obviously, this is because I have unrealistic morning expectations.

Today I renewed the tax on Hannah's car.

Then I picked several pounds of blackberries...and a bucket full of damsons.

And I made a delicious tomato, garlic and chilli salad all with home grown ingredients. Except for the vinegar. Even the olive oil was home grown and pressed but not by me as I don't live in Sicily. However, Hannah has a friend who does and I have to say this is the most delicious olive oil I have ever tasted.

Damson pickers 2008. 

Damsons are going to be easy to pick this year as the biggest and best tree has fallen down. It was really old and decrepit and almost entirely covered in moss.  I'm surprised it lasted this long. It does make the fruit very accessible. There are still three more trees on the farm so damson wine will be available for a few years yet.

Sod it. Talking about damson wine is making me thirsty. Must go and see if there is any from last year's left. Cheers!


Cathy said...

Plums are plums down here lol. The greengrocer will lable them and those gardeners in the know will advise us but once my cherryplum tree fell over in a gale and my jam making days came to an end, well, plums became plums 😊
Don't believe I've seen any labled as Damsons.

Nelly said...

Apparently they are a sub-species of plum. Too sour and tart for eating from the tree. We have other plum trees but it's hard getting to the fruit before the birds. Damsons make great jam - and wine!