Friday, September 15, 2017

September 15th

Bert sent Evil Edna and her boy calf to market. Eight years she has lived here so it was a wrench. Never mind, that every chance she got she was ornery. If Bert wanted the cattle to go left Edna went right. She was a complete pain-in-the-ass cow. And always the difficulty with the calf. They never took to sucking and always gave Bert a big headache. Despite this all he was sad, very sad to see her go and had to spend an hour playing sad melodies on his clarinet to console himself.

I tried to console him myself.

It was all for the best. You just need the one obstreperous old cow in your life, eating you out of house and home. The one you married.


Mage said...

Goodness, you are slowly but surely getting rid of all the farm in farm.

Nelly said...

No Mage, just reducing the cattle. We still have the pigs and the dogs.