Wednesday, September 13, 2017

September 13th

Because it did not rain for the entirety of the day we call this fine weather. Maybe even the beginning of an Indian Summer. Huh! Hardly - not with the ground quaking under my feet because it is so saturated, the cattle eating us out of house, home and silage because the pastures are soaking and the neighbour's potato fields full of blight.

But - look on the bright side. I gathered three pounds of damsons from the fallen tree, defied the local blackbird and stripped the blueberry bushes, got a bucketful of Katy apples and even found a few end of season strawberries before the wasps did.

Earlier in the day Nellybert hid the bright lights of Ballymena to conduct a little financial business and buy Bert a new outfit. Skinny jeans for a slim man and a granda jumper. Apparently granda jumpers are the height of fashion in TK Maxx. Bert was delighted.

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Mage said...

No pictures of how glorious he looks in the new raiment?