Tuesday, September 12, 2017

September 12th

Yet another day of incessant rain? No. There was a couple of hours of the sunshiney stuff just before midday. Bert and I spent it cleaning the yard and were actually rather pleased when it started to rain again. Weed scraping is tiring work even when you have a brand new scraper from Clady Timber.

I ate so much cake on Saturday, Sunday, and Monday that I decided not to break my fast until past midday. We had Irish poached eggs on Polish toast. Being slightly hungry was a rare experience for me and greatly enhanced my pleasure in the food.

The attic-clearing continues but it is still pretty full. I discovered that a cat has been peeing in my collection of Cath Kidston fabric shoppers. (Only the Tesco ones) The bags are currently in the washing machine although a wiser person would have put them in the bin.


Mage said...

Sorry about all the cake...you are going to look like me soon. And is the cat ill. Those are nice bags.

Nelly said...

Mage, I keep missing your comments. It's this dam daily posting. The cat is not ill. Just a bugger. And the bags are nice. I even have a special Christmas one I only use in December.