Saturday, September 09, 2017

9th September

I would have been 14 years old when I first heard the Beatles song 'When I'm Sixty-Four'. I thought it a jaunty little tune but wasn't keen on the lyrics. When you are only fourteen, sixty-four seems a long, long way away. My elderly parents weren't even as old as that!

Now, fifty years on I have today attained that ancient age. And it's not so bad. I had a very good birthday with friends, family, chocolate and wine and Netflix.

I have no photographs of myself at fourteen so will have to make do with a picture of the Beatles from half a century ago.


Brig said...

Happy Birthday, and many more!

Nelly said...

Thanks Brig> I sure hope so!

Andrea said...

Belated happy birthday, wishing you many more with good health!