Sunday, September 03, 2017

September 3rd

It is pissing with rain and, according to the weather forecast, it will continue to do so for more than a week. Usually, I manage not to let dreek weather annoy me but I'm finding that hard today. To make matters worse Bert, who is always badly affected by damp and cold conditions is hanging around the house sighing and moaning.

He posits going to visit Howard as he has a tree to deliver there. I am delighted as it means I will have the house to myself for an hour or two. Howard is called and the visit arranged. Then Howard calls back. He has forgotten something - his landlord has cemented the access lane and it cannot be driven on. The visit is off.

Bert follows me into my private, secret sitting room.

Can you not just imagine I'm out?

I put my head in my hands.

I'll try that but it's going to be difficult.


Because you're standing there chittering at me.

Ah well. Perhaps it's for the best that he stays home because, sure as shooting, soon as he leaves the yard one of his friends will turn up and I will have no peace. It's what usually happens.

We have a friend who relishes her peace so much that she used to have a sign at the end of her lane which said 'Visitors By Appointment Only'. I may get one of those some day. Only mine will have a simpler message - something along the lines of 'Fuck Off'.


Mage said...

I almost didn't leave you a note because of the sign.


Anonymous said...

Now no one gets to see my sign Nelly . My neighbour up the lane has recently passed away , so I get to lock the gates at road end of the lane . So now an appointment really is needed to get down the lane ! I suggest a set of gates and a big padlock for you too , you'd have no regrets . D

Cathy said...

My Dad would always open the door with the words 'there's nobody here but me and I'm daft. What da ya want'.
Most door knockers didn't know what to make of him! Others smiled and said 'Jimmy's at it again! ~ Cathy

Nelly said...

I'm glad you didn't let my sign put you off Mage.

Glad you can lock your gates D. Now Stanley can relax.

Cathy, I like your Dad's style.