Monday, April 18, 2005

Bert Begs To Differ

I keyed How Good A Wife Am I? into Google and came up with this little test from the Surrendered Wife website. No link as I cannot get those little buggers to work this morning. Blogger must be having one of its hissy fits again. Anyway its usually only Ed and Mikeyboy do quizzes and they are hardly going to want to know how good a wife they are.

So I answered the questions completely honestly and scored 82!

61 and Up
Your marriage is very intimate and passionate. You found a man you respect, and the two of you have a positive impact on each other. This union is a healthy mix of individuality and togetherness. You're quick to apologize, and he adores you for it.

But when I was telling Bert how lucky he was to have me all he said was,

"I suppose you do think you're a really nice person."
"Indeed I do. Why? What do you think?"
"I think you're horrible."
"Huh! How come you don't get rid of me then?"
"Because I'm just too nice."


Anonymous said...

Tell you what, that's a fairly strange thing to be keying into Google... Any particular reason or were you just very very bored?


Nelly said...

OK I'll admit I was a wee bit bored but I don't think it's that strange that one should want to know how one is doing as a life-partner. No stranger than that macho quiz you had on your blog about what kind of weapon you are. Actually I did that but as I'd never heard of the weapon I was I thought it best not to make any comment. It was some sort of a gun. I was expecting a rolling pin or a cudgel.
By the way there's no way I'm a surrendered wife - it's just that Bert is really easy-going and laid back.
So laid back he's never bothered to marry me so I'm not even his wife.

Anonymous said...

Now, there's a difference between seeing a quiz on your daily rounds of blogs and deliberately seeking one out on google, isn't there?

And I think you should inform the quiz writer that they left rolling pin out of the possible answers

You're the Mk4 Rolling pin:
You prefer to do your killin' up close and personal. Whole armies tremble before the flour-covered might of your weapon.


Anonymous said...

flour-covered weapon?

Nelly is going to hit us with her baps?

*hangs head in shame at such a playground joke* Still, I laughed.

Anonymous said...

marc, trust you to lower the tone.

Not that that's a bad thing, in fact, we were counting on it.


Nelly said...

I've just got back from spending some time with me ma and Im "not worth tuppence," still I got a bit of a giggle out of those comments although I'm afraid that Marc will have to spend some time on the NAUGHTY CHAIR for his own good - obviously.