Friday, April 22, 2005

We Pass The Gateway To Hell

Dundermot Mound near Ballymena
Dundermot Mound near Ballymena

Bert and I went to Cloughmills this evening for a meal. We went to a restaurant recommended by Ian. On our way we passed Dundermot Mound near Glarryford Bridge. This mound is rumoured to be one of two 'Gateways to Hell' in Ireland. You can read more about it here.

Happily for us the 'Gateway to Hell' remained closed and we encountered no ghostly coachman.

The meal? Not bad. Afterwards the waitress enquired if everything was to our liking. I replied,

"There was just one thing that spoiled it."
"The music. I hate Cher."

She laughed. As long as we liked the food all was well.

Bert's turmoil? He's working his way through it. He'll survive - as long as he doesn't meet a ghostly coachman on Glarryford Bridge.


Anonymous said...

From thon webshite:
Apparently the mound has been known to open, releasing the forces of hell to all around

Finally, an explaination for Ballymena that actually fits!


Nelly said...

Sniffs and humphs before informing a certain young whippersnapper that she was actually born in Antrim and reared within a beagle's gowl of Randalstown.

Good theory Ed. Right again.