Sunday, April 24, 2005

Ploppy Loves Parsley

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Last night I had a really fun argument with Ploppy Pants about Paisley, or Parsley as Jenny Wren's grandchildren call him. I said that ol' Parsley won't be in any organisation where he cannot be top man.

  • He is top man of his own church.
  • He is top man of his own political party.
  • And he is top man of his own Orange Institution.
But Ploppy says ol' Parsley did not start the Independent Orange Order and he should know as he's in it. here

Then Ploppy said, when I announced my voting intentions, that I'd be far better voting for the Shinners as the SDLP were sleekit dogs. He says that John Hume is the sleekitest man that ever drew breath. (This is what passes for intelligent political analysis chez Nelly) I reminded Ploppy that John Hume won the Nobel Peace Prize but Ploppy said that just proves how sleekit he is.

So later on in the pub I ran Ploppy's theory past Peadar. He liked it very much and shook Ploppy by the hand saying that the country needed more men like him leading middle of the road voters to the proper path.

And the picture? That's our Ian up playing with The Low Down Dirty 'Coon Dogs or whatever it is they're calling themselves this week. So what's the big deal do I hear you ask? Well - it's this. Ian only took up the guitar a few years back and this is the first time he's played and sang in public with a mic n'all. He was nervous but damn good. As they say across the pond - way to go Ian!


Anonymous said...

Ian is an inspiration to all us all, Ian the guitar player not parsley.

Mularky said...

Go Ian, well done head. Im proud o ye. First one is the worst, you will soon be non plussed way the fuss, an twanging like a demon at the drop o a hat. Nelly when is thon burt gawn te wheetle a bit in public ...boyz I wuldney wanty miss it?

Nelly said...

Our Ian (not Parsley) is an inspiration in many ways. As for the Bert boy - he can be heard whistling in public most fine days, out there in the polytunnels, to an audience consisting of two dogs and one robin.